Which one would you use to communicate your messages: Outbound or Inbound Marketing?


At present, it is not surprinsing that companies are demanding marketing profiles to their teams. In fact, having a solid marketing strategy will provide you benefits such as sales, engagement and, over all, brand awareness.

So,once you have decided to invest in marketing, it is time to choose a proper strategy. Firstly, think about short, middle and long term goals. They will help you to make the right decissions.

Do not make the common mistake to focus in digital media only just because we are living in a technological era. Even though inbound marketing is precisely essential to survive in this competitive world, it is not the only way either to reach the top of mind or top of sales. There is something more: traditional marketing and other new forms of marketing (Street marketing, event marketing, artistic marketing, etc.)

What should you  keep in mind about Inbound marketing? Simply, content, good content. What I mean with “good content” is not dealing with a topic that has already been discussed about in other blogs, but generating interesting content by adding value. How? Having a good SEO score, blogging regularly, detecting your readers’ interests, contrasting the information, etc.

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On the other hand, outbound marketing are the classic marketing tactics that companies use to reach the general public: advertisement in the press, cold doors, flyers, billboards, etc.

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However, the naked truth is that outbound Marketing is losing strength against inbound Marketing due to one main and crucial reason: the interaction flow. Consumers need to interact with companies. Hence, there is a double sense communication, whereas in outbound marketing there is only one.

Since there’s too much crowd in the market to communicate with, every has to approach their target groups with different strategies. Within this context, a 360-degrees Marketing might be the solution. By applying a 360- Marketing strategy, you will be able to communicate consistent messages through all the marketing mix elements.

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Thus, the best you can do is diversifying depending upon your goals, your target group and the sort of business you have. Having an inbound marketing strategy will lead you good results but try to impress your clients or stakeholders by doing things differently. There are many marketing tools which might help you to reach a very good competition level.


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