Selling With Value

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Are you telling or selling?

Standing out in today’s market is a challenge.
With increasing competition and customers resorting to differentiating on price alone leaves many businesses frustrated as to what they can do. The Selling with Value module will help you explore your own style and how you can focus on customer value to make more sales and increase repeat business.

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4 hours

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coworking malaga



  • Analysing your selling style –reviewing your sales technique
    • Are you telling versus selling –analysing your persuasion skills
    • Developing paraphrasing techniques to test understanding of the problem
  • Understanding your customer and their sales journey
    • The thought process of customers in high value sales B2B and B2C
  • What do customers really want?
    • The types of question that help you and engage customers
    • Offering solutions too early
    • People live with problems
  • Uncovering what will make the customer want to change
    • Is the customer ready to change? Can you influence this?
  • Understanding what the customer values
    • Identifying the true value of your product or solution to the customer
    • The consequences of not identifying value
  • Is the customer aware of your capability to deliver?
    • Have you linked the benefits of your product or solution to what the customer sees as value?
  • How to get commitment and progress the sale
    • Is the customer passive or active throughout the process?
    • How to get more active participation from the customer
  • Developing customer loyalty
    • How to maintain the relationship and develop further opportunities