The Startup Business model

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What are key elements of launching a successful startup business?
Why are startups becoming more and more popular nowadays? Do you want to discover how Airbnb, Uber or Dropbox became sensational unicorn startups?
This course will provide you tools to develop a realistic market idea, a pitch deck as well as a solid business plan.
You will learn how to carry out fundraising for your business and to find the best ways of stimulating growth. Through various practical case studies, you will get closer to kickstarting your
innovative business idea or boosting further your existing startup according to the current market trends.

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12 hours

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Tue 15th, 22nd & 29th June 2021
from 4 to 8 PM

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Topic 1:

Basic concepts of the startup business model.
Why is innovation crucial to launch a startup?
Startups in numbers.

Topic 2:

The core of the startup business model.
Why do startups succeed or fail? Main predictors of success.
The life cycle of a startup.

Topic 3:

Methods for developing and validating a startup business idea.
The magnitude of innovation: startup from zero, minor grade innovation or imitation.
The lean startup.

Topic 4:

Key elements of launching a startup: securing a team and raising investment.
The principal agent model: conflict of interests in a startup enterprise.
The pitch deck.

Topic 5:

Perspectives of growth and marketing strategies.
Startup runway: securing initial funding and investment.
What is the average growth rate for a startup?
Growing pains: most common challenges to face.
The freemium business model.

Topic 6:

Exit Strategies: acquisitions and IPOs.
Startup performance analysis and evaluation.
To sell or not to sell? Understanding the logic of exit strategies.
When is the right time for selling your startup?
When choosing to remain: milking the cow.


About me

“As a Doctor of Economics, I am working according to the two most significant key areas in my field: analytical research within the field of economic growth and assistance of business development. I believe that theory has always its applicable, practical sides that keeps our globalized world economy in motion. My mission is to contribute with my work to the growth of innovative startups to build a brighter and more sustainable future.”



Participants are going to receive the full material for completing the courses including presentations, calculation samples, business plan templates, case studies and recommended books to read.

Each module has a duration of 4 hours. A full course is usually consisting of 8 or 12 hours to cover all the key concepts and practical case studies of the given material.

Inscription fee will be fully refunded for cancellation up to 2 weeks before the course starts.

You will be provided with all the course material and case studies used during the class

Yes, there will be a coffee break with drinks and snacks

We accept payment by credit card, bank transfer and cash