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starting a business

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In this course, you will be introduced into the most essential concepts and methods of launching your own business idea.
For any form of entrepreneurship or foundation of a firm it is vital to understand the functioning of the market including the demand and the supply. Also, it is really important to see how consumer behaviour is playing a role in satisfying the current market needs and raising our profit further.
Besides calculating your revenues and costs, assessing the risks and the competitors, you must be capable of developing a viable business plan and to get a clear picture about how different types of firms are behaving in the market.

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8 hours

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Tue 1th & 8th June 2021
from 4 to 8 PM

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Topic 1:

Basic definitions, tools and subjects of Economics.

Main participants of the market.

Understanding the markets: supply and demand.

Topic 2:

Consumer behaviour.

Market power and failure.

What is the willingness to pay?

Consumer and producer surplus.

Topic 3:

Production and costs of doing business.

What is the difference between revenues and profit?

Fixed and variable costs of maintaining a business.

Understanding the breakeven point.

Topic 4:

How to prepare a business plan?

Key elements for validating our business idea.

Calculating real demand.

Market estimation.

Analysing risks and competitors.

Topic 5:

How do firms behave in the market?

The key difference between competitive companies, oligopolies and monopolies.

Pricing strategies.

Case studies.

What is growth hacking?


About me

“As a Doctor of Economics, I am working according to the two most significant key areas in my field: analytical research within the field of economic growth and assistance of business development. I believe that theory has always its applicable, practical sides that keeps our globalized world economy in motion. My mission is to contribute with my work to the growth of innovative startups to build a brighter and more sustainable future.”



Participants are going to receive the full material for completing the courses including presentations, calculation samples, business plan templates, case studies and recommended books to read.

Each module has a duration of 4 hours. A full course is usually consisting of 8 or 12 hours to cover all the key concepts and practical case studies of the given material.

Inscription fee will be fully refunded for cancellation up to 2 weeks before the course starts.

You will be provided with all the course material and case studies used during the class

Yes, there will be a coffee break with drinks and snacks

We accept payment by credit card, bank transfer and cash