Do you feel that some opportunities are passing you by just because you didn’t get your point across effectively enough? Are you sometimes facing differences in opinions, ending up in a conflict or a direct fight?

How would it impact your life if only you could be better at Communicating Effectively and reaching the fair agreements you wished for?

Well, here is the good news: Like every skill, it is possible to develop it!

And on this workshop you will not only learn some key points to communicate more effectively, but will also get a chance to practice it directly in a fun way – role playing your toughest communication situation in a safe small group to get the invaluable constructive feedback and learn how to reach a win-win agreements more successfully.

Book your spot and become a better communicator!

Event details:

When:                11th July 2019, 19:00-21:00

Where:               Innovation Campus (Calle Medellín, 3, 29002 Málaga, Spain)

How much*:     15 € ; 17 € at the door

Booking:           You can buy your entrance here

*The price includes a Super Healthy and Delicious Smoothie (so let us know about any allergies).

With any questions you can drop an email to 

It’s all about the Communication!

About the facilitator:

Ela Kolodziej, qualified Mindfulness Instructor, certified in Zen Coaching, is passionate about expanding our human potential and sharing her knowledge with people who want to grow and make the best out of their life.

After years of international career in business and living in various countries, she got interested in the area of profound personal development. She has done various types of insightful personal development trainings in Sweden, Denmark, Poland and India, and she keeps expanding her knowledge and understanding to continuously teach the most effective ways to improve our life and feel better. 

She has founded Inner Growth in Sweden in 2013 and since then conducts group workshops and events internationally, sharing the findings of mind technology with individuals and companies – to bring out the best in us!


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