Top 3 Mental Clearing Exercises to Transform Your Lifestyle

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Want to travel 110 countries, work 2 days a week fulfilling your purpose, while earning six-figures? This is the lifestyle that success coach and psychotherapist, Ellany Lea, lives and champions her clients to live.

There’s more than one way to do it! So join her as she shares the top 3 mental clearing exercises to transform busyness, overwhelm and perfectionism into a global brand, residual income and a joyful journey now (as opposed to a stressful / miserable journey in hopes of an elusive joyful destination, out there, somewhere, someday… maybe).

The 3 exercises are: Identifying mental archetypes, Purging old money mindset, and Posting a Wall of Greatness. If you love post-its as much as Ellany, bring them along!

About Ellany Lea:
As a success coach and psychotherapist, sought for her deep emotional intelligence and broad spiritual practicality, Ellany liberates women entrepreneurs from: busyness, perfectionism and overwhelm.

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