Sales and Marketing alignment

Innovation Campus is happy to host Digital Marketing Meetup:

Are you sick of salespeople asking you for more campaigns? Do you think that the last email you sent was not followed up by your sales reps? How does it feel when your sales executives tell you that what you do is worthless?

In this talk, we will analyse how you can achieve a 20% growth if there is a correct alignment between the marketing and sales teams. We will see how establishing a common language and service level agreements between both departments are the key to good alignment.

This talk will be in english

Speaker: Carlos Martín Martínez, Ingeniero de preventa en Hubspot.

Our Meetup Group:


Feb 07 2019


19:00 - 21:00
Innovation Campus - Malaga Centro


Innovation Campus - Malaga Centro
Calle Medellín, 3

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