Movement Therapy inspired Yoga Workshop with Massage & Cacao Ceremony

We´re glad to host the movement therapy inspired Yoga Workshop by Nina:

The Full Moon gives us access to abundant energy. This time of growth since the New Moon invites us to use our power and strength towards fulfilment and productivity. It also invites us to connect more to ourselves and let go of the things that do not serve us.
On this magical evening we will be joining forces together to move away from the constant chatter of the mind and venture into our body. This will be done through a Yoga Practise inspired by Movement Therapy and Movement Mediation.
Here we will get the chance to work with embodiment; to focus on how the movement feels in our body, and, what we feel more inclined to do when we connect more deeply with ourself. We will discover how absorbing our senses to the present moment can propel us into many forms of movement mediation.
When we have created heat and fire in the body, to keep it alive, to move away from burnout or overactivity, we will invite water to the practise by coming down into stillness with Yin Yoga & Massage.
We will finish the practise with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony. Here we will focus our energy into gratitude and intention, for, Cacao connects us to our heart.

I look forward to welcoming you all to this space, on a rooftop, under the moonlight.

Bring with you a mat, maybe a cushion or pillow/blanket and a cup/mug for the Cacao.

It is €30pp and can be paid via the link below:

Any questions feel free to contact me on:

There are limited spaces so make sure to book yourself in if you want to attend.

*No refunds given, but I can book you onto another event in a case of emergency.

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