Marketing and Sales advice for the Covid crisis

We at the i-Campus Academy know that everyone’s focus is on family and friends right now. But we also know that many of you have businesses to run and are worried about the future.

As a service to our community, we’ve scheduled a free online session with some of our i-Campus Academy tutors to help you make decisions about what to do next, specifically with marketing and sales.

Rather than a classroom setting, we’ll be listening to your questions and offering advice to help you make informed decisions.

Among the topics we can discuss:

– Should I continue to market? What’s appropriate? What will turn people off?
– I still need to run my business. How do I get the word out if no one will be buying?
– How will my business — and me — cope with change? How can I understand my current situation and develop resiliency?
– How do I talk with clients and maintain relationships?
– What strategies can I implement now to protect my business for the future?


To attend, just send an email to to receive the link and the instructions.

Martin Wright 
Tim Hart

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