Business opportunities during a crisis

We are glad to introduce you our first event of the i-Campus Academy!!  “Business opportunities during a crisis”

i-Campus is offering professional business courses and we would like to invite you to our free event to get precious insights on how to benefit from a recession when doing business!

We’ll host PhD Kriszrtina Soreg as a Doctor of Economics, she is working according to the two most significant key areas in her field: analytical research within the field of economic growth and assistance of business development. she believes that theory has always its applicable, practical sides that keeps our globalized world economy in motion. Her mission is to contribute with her work to the growth of innovative startups to build a brighter and more sustainable future.

Don’t miss the opportunity of learning and networking for free!

We are ready to start a series of business events to give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and enrich your capabilities! Remain update on business topics and exploit exclusive special offer for our members!

See you May 20th at i-Campus Malagueta Terrace! Please sign in 

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