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Angular Master Class comes to Málaga!

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Join us from the 28th – 30th October in beautiful Málaga, Spain!

This training follows a Code Of Conduct. If you consider joining this training, make sure to read it first.


Innovation Campus Coworking Málaga, Calle Medellín 3, 29002 Málaga, Spain


28th – 30th October 2019

Drinks and Food?

Don’t worry about that. We’ll have everyone covered. Yes, also vegetarians!

What’s the format, what will we learn?

Angular Master Class is an on-site training experience where we’re going to build an application using Angular 8, touching the most important parts of the framework, as well as diving deeper into specific topics that’ll ease the overall development experience when working with Angular.

We’ll learn…

… how to bootstrap an application and display data.

… how to create and inject services using the new Dependency Injection.

… how to take advantage of the Hierarchical Injector Tree

… how to master Observables to build Functional Reactive Angular apps

… how to perform http calls using the revamped http layer based on observables and advanced operators.

… how to implement routing using the new component router

… how to create forms that take advantage of two-way data binding

… how to build reusable, generic components using techniques such as Content- and ViewChildren and content projection

… how to build scalable architectures using a custom EventBus

… how to take architecture to the next level with redux and ngrx

During our our training, you will use each lesson and build a complete Angular application. After our training you will be ready to start working with confidence on your own Angular projects.

Who is this training for?

This training is for beginners as well as experienced developers who want to level up to master the next version of a great framework.

What you will take home

As an Angular Master Class attendee you’ll get life-long access to all current slide decks via our exclusive learning platform classroom. Same goes for all our private repositories with tons of examples, exercises and solutions.

What do we need?

To ensure we all and especially you have fun during the day, the following things are needed:

  • At least a little JavaScript and HTML experience – we’ll do TypeScript though
  • A laptop with Node/npm and Git installed – unfortunately we can’t provide machines, but you can totally work with someone (or more) in a group
  • A GitHub account – This is used to distribute our material and give you access to classroom. Not an absolute requirement, but it gives you the best experience possible.
  • Good mood!

To make sure that you’re all set before the training starts make sure to follow our preparation guide.

Who are the instructors?

Angular Master Class is organised by thoughtram, a group of six trainer consisting of Christoph, Pascal, Dominic, Maarten, Kwinten and brecht who are very passioned about running trainings and sharing their knowledege and experiences. There will be these two trainers running this training. Here are a few words about them:

Brecht Billiet – Brecht is a trainer, blogger and software engineer passionate about architecture and best-practices. Brecht uses the technologies that he teaches in his workshops on a daily basis in different projects. One of his main activities is kickstarting new Angular projects in companies and guiding them in the right direction.

Find him on Twitter and GitHub.

Kwinten Pisman – Kwinten is a frontend architect focussed on Angular with a reactive passion. Ever since he discovered (functional) reactive programming he has been sold and trying to spread to word about this amazing technology. He does this through blog posts and training sessions with the company he co-founded called Strongbrew.

Find him on Twitter and GitHub.


Oct 28 - 30 2019


09:00 - 18:00



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Innovation Campus - Malaga Centro


Innovation Campus - Malaga Centro
Calle Medellín, 3



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