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Espacios de coworking y trabajo desde casa: descubre las 6 diferencias

It is pretty obvious which side we are supporting… but let’s see a comparison!


In the followings, we are going to take into consideration the most important aspects of coworking and working from home:

Equipment: let’s face the truth: a regular home is not a place for working. Many studies have shown, that at home people tend to be less effective; there are countless things that deprive our attention from the To Do List. Winner: coworking space

Cost: it costs some money to rent a place in an office, and staying at home costs nothing. You also have to pay for the transport, an your lunch at an office. Winner: home office

home office

Environment: at home, from the playful pets and children, to the postman,or washing the dishes from yesterday, everything can make us lose the focus. At a work space? Not so much. Maybe social media. To avoid all distrctions and be more productive at work you can use the Pomodoro Technique that can help you a lot to keep the focus on your tasks.

Winner: coworking space

Safety: the most secure way to exist is probably at our home. In these pandemic times it’s even safer (though the coworking spaces are considered to be safe, because they always do the necessary steps). Winner: home office

Privacy: we are never alone at a coworking space, but there is a strategy  to have your personal privacy. That can be good, or also bad, depending on your point of view, and personality. Everybody decides for themselves!  Winner: nobody

community coworkingCommunity: online community is a thing, but we always need some contact with others (besides our family). Coworking spaces are a big community of all kind of professions and people! Winner: coworking space

In the end, you have to be aware (try to experiment with both) where, and how are you more effective… try both!

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