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Coworking Startup service

We will help you start your coworking business with ease, having an as quick as possible startup phase, maximize the profitability and become a market leader in your area
We will support you to:


  • Identify the best areas and premises
  • Arrange a deal with the space owner
  • Study the best space distribution
  • Optimise the expenses, limiting the initial investment
  • Interior design and providers
  • Choose the correct equipment
  • Perform a competition analysis
  • Define the most appropriate prices and plans
  • Define a pre-opening marketing strategy
  • Use the most appropriate marketing channels
  • Create listings on the most useful platforms and agencies
  • Create legal contracts templates for users


  • Use of our brand, logo and corporate identity
  • Use of our website and app
  • Use of our contacts database (according to GDPR policy)
  • Use of our social media and networks
  • Suggestions to create local partnerships
  • Suggestions to organize events
  • Access to our online training material
  • Use of our software licenses
  • Free access for your members to our coworking spaces
  • Continuous support

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