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The 4 secrets to be more productive at your coworking space

Do you often find yourself losing concentration and getting distracted by social media?
Are you always late with your works?
Find out now which are the 4 best habits to be more productive at your coworking space

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1 How can I be more productive? Make a to do list!

Have you ever had the feelng that you have infinite tasks? And the deeper you go in these tasks, they only generate more? A properly written plan for the day can help a lot.

The reason is that our memory can not remember everything, and if we start doing something that takes a lot of time, it is easy to forget hat we wanted to get done that day.What you think flies away and what you write down heals in your head and motivates your actions.

Writing down goals helps you to be more decisive and develop greater self-awareness. With pen and paper, you write down and develop ideas that you will not be able to arrive at through thoughts alone.

How many times have you visualised something you want to do and then completely forgotten about it? It is important to take notes because it makes your ideas and actions clearer.

You can try Freedom and Eisenhower that will help you a lot.

2 Start with the hard stuff

Starting the day with the task we know is going to be hard and tiring will get a lot of weight off your shoulders. Otherwise it’s only going to be bothering, since it stays in the back of our mind, and reminding us that we still have that hard thing to get over with.

The feeling of getting over the most difficult task of the day in the first place is the best stress reliever!
To check and have always under your control the task that you should to do you can Todoist that will help you to become more productive possible during the day.

3 The distractions:reduce them and become more productive

At a coworking space we tend to focus more on the work… but still there are these annoying distractions everytime (emails, chats, social media) which deprive our attention from the things that should be done.

The apps I use: for hiding the Facebook feed, and Momentum shows you a beautiful landscape instead of website suggestions, when you open a new tab in the browser.

4 Healthy eating

Consuming the right food and drinks are key for an effective working day. Why?

Our brain is fragile: if you eat a lot of unhealthy food (junkfood with a lot of sugars)

it alters your focus and you will be more tired. That way it also increases your stress level, and the combination of these leads toa day where you cannot concentrate on anything, and getting only half of the things done.
Some very useful app for a healthy diet are Myfitnesspal  and Lifesum  that could help you to life healthy and have more energy.

Now that you know all secret to be more productive you can consider to join to the best Coworking in Malaga .

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