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Babysits Platform can help working parents!

Nowadays, finding a babysits can be a very difficult task, as no father or mother likes to go to work and leave their child at home.

Do you find yourself in this situation?

Are you looking for a babysitter, but do not know anyone who meets your needs or preferences?

Not every parent can easily find childcare services.

Babysits may be the solution. Babysits is an online platform that connects families and babysitters, with the mission of empowering communities around childcare services. For parents, this type of service allows them to balance their professional and family life, easily and quickly.

Today we present some of the reasons why Innovation Campus Coworking Malaga and Babysits adapt perfectly to modern family life:


Compared to other types of childcare, Babysits is completely flexible, there are no fixed schedules. It is possible to choose a babysitter when you need it, day or night. The Innovation Campus coworking space offers 24/7 availability. Therefore, if your work style or preference is early in the morning or late at night, this space is perfect. With i-Campus Coworking, you can choose between different types of “Membership”, which adapt perfectly to your needs, which makes it extremely flexible just like Babysits.


Regarding the price, it is possible to negotiate the hourly rate with the babysitter you want to hire, while some childcare services facilities charge a fixed price for a fixed period of time. With Babysits, you only pay for the hours the babysitter takes care of your children. The same goes for i-Campus Coworking by offering different rates with different prices, fully adaptable to the needs of each coworker.


Having a babysitter at home is a good way to introduce new people into your child’s life. It is a simple and effective way for them to learn how to interact with others. For parents, a coworking workspace is a great opportunity to connect with other people with whom you share similar ambitions. In addition, this type of space allows them to concentrate on their careers and extend their networks of contacts.


Many job positions require creativity in everyday life, working from home may seem like a great idea at first, but if you have to take care of your children, you won’t be able to concentrate on your kids. So, for parents who work from home, it can be extremely difficult to juggle their work and take care of their children. However, i-Campus Coworking space has many advantages for parents, such as meeting new people and interacting with others who have similar interests, encouraging their creativity and concentration.

If you are a parent who works from home and struggles to juggle both roles, a coworking space combined with an amazing babysitter in Málaga could be the answer. It benefits both parents and children; Parents have time to concentrate on work in a suitable environment, while children enjoy all the fun and excitement of interacting with their new babysitter.

This article was written in collaboration with Babysits, the
childcare community in Spain, with over 25.000 active users in the country.

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