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5 curiosities about Malaga that you will love

Whether you visit or live in this wonderful city, you want to know few curiosities about Malaga.

Feel like a proper “malagueño”


curiosities about Malaga

Your first question might be: Why is there an English cemetery in Malaga? When was it founded? By whom? Etc.

Since every cemetery was catholic, it wasn’t allowed to carry out non-Catholic burials. Particularly, in Malaga, these “burials” consisted on  leaving the dead bodies on’ the beach. In 1824, Willian Mark , the British consul, decided to set up a proper cemetery for the members of his community in order to receive a dignified death.
The English cemetery of Malaga was the first Protestant cemetery in Spain.

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Maybe you don’t recognie this name but, it is the Cathedral of Malaga. Do you know why is it named La Manquita?

Its construction started in 1528 and it lasted over 250 years. However, there is a missing tower. Since “manco” means  “only one-handed” in Spanish, locals lovingly call its cathedral “La Manquita”.

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Source: visitacostadelsol

Etymologically, the word “Biznaga” comes from Arabic and it means “the gift of God”. It was used as an anti-mosquito remedy due to its freshy smell procedent from jasmine flowers. Today, is one of the most popular symbols of Malaga. In addition to this, Silver Biznagas are the prizes of Malaga Film Fest Awards.


As a fishing town, Malaga had a great offer of fish and seafood. The center of the city was very close to the port and it was common to see “cenacheros” selling fish through the city.

Its name comes from the two containers made of esparto called cenachos.

Today, this popular character doesn’t longer exist but it represents the history and culture of Malaga.


Could it sound a bite rare but, locals are called “boquerones”. Efectively, like the fish. But the hiden reason why they are called like that is due to their wide offer of fish, especially boquerones. Anywhere, you will easily find a spot to eat fish. Set a foot in Pedregalejo and enjoy all the restaurants next to the beach with sea views.

Now that you know all the main curiosity and come for a fantastic trip in Malaga.
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